Don’t waste your day trying to figure out the Autotask ticket stopwatch

No, the ticket stopwatch isn’t a waste of time. In fact, I think it’s awesome.

But, when there’s a quick video to help you learn about it in 2 minutes, then figuring it out on your own is a waste of time.

The newest release of Autotask includes a rad new feature they’re calling the “Ticket Stopwatch”. It allows you to keep track of exactly how long you spend working tickets for customers, and you don’t have to remember to open a Time Entry screen before you start working!

The feature is elegant, simple, and effective. In this very short 2-minute video, I’ll quickly show you the key points you need to know to adopt it quickly and easily into your own workflow.

Please give it a quick watch and then leave me a comment (below) and tell me what you think. Thanks!

Now watch, go, and be free!